Jul21st 2020

“I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. Even my orthopedic surgeon is amazed. When I think about how I felt in late summer and how I feel today, I am also amazed – but even more thankful. You and your staff took a guy who felt awful and scared and gradually helped me shed the fear and feel better and better. When I started, I asked you if I would be able to polka at my friend’s wedding in late November. You told me we would see but you saw no reason why that couldn’t happen. Well the wedding was great and my polka (while a bit rusty) wasn’t bad. And I did not even feel any repercussions the next day! Don’t worry, I will continue to follow your advice – take it easy and know my limitations. Keep up your great work. You all can take great pride in all the good you do.”