Jul21st 2020

“I “graduated” from physical therapy last week and am feeling much better. I went for a bike ride this past weekend and have gone back to the gym, under careful instruction this week. More importantly, I want you to know how grateful I am to everyone at Polishuk Physical Therapy. They were wonderful!

I was impressed with thorough, cautious, informative and caring approach to my recovery. They took time and care with me to ensure that my recovery would be successful. I have learned, “to be smart, not afraid” and to pay attention to my body in new ways. I was pleased with the level of instruction and care that I received from the therapists I was working with.

In addition to their fine skills, they are also a very personable group of people. I actually looked forward to going there one, to feel beter and two, to brighten up my day. While I don’t know all the support staff names I can at least say that the receptionist I encountered most was always friendly, efficient and understanding of my difficult days.

In summary, all the staff are very good and I am appreciative for the good care that I received. They are a great group of people.”