Jul21st 2020

“Last year, an MRI confirmed that the cause of my lower back, hip, and buttock pain was due to spinal stenosis and a bulging disc at L4-L5. I had gone to another PT earlier this year and had made limited progress. However, when a friend of mine recommended me to your practice, I was happy to try a new approach. When you initially evaluated me this summer, I was having discomfort just walking to my mailbox. I was frustrated to be feeling “old beyond my years”.

Fast-forward to today, less than five months later, and the improvement is astonishing. I can now walk for a long period of time without pain. Since I have two, young, active boys, ages three and five, this is extremely important to me. But I am not just happy due to the excellent treatment and exercise plan that you have customized for me. It’s more than that. I actually enjoy coming to your facility. Dealing with each and every team member is a pleasure. Whether setting up my next appointment, discussing my insurance coverage, doing my PT, or receiving ultrasound, I am always treated with kindness and respect. This is exceptional patient service, coupled with the quality physical therapy you provide, makes it a pleausre for me to know you and to receive my treatments under your care. Many thanks!”