Jul21st 2020

“When I came to my first appointment, I flipped through your gratitude book while I was waiting. I still had 2 months to go until my ACL reconstruction surgery, and my knee was stiff as a board. I couldn’t even imagine a day when I would be writing a letter of gratitude, but I decided I would write one when I was finally finished, and here it is! It certainly was a long road to full recovery, and I’m still not completely finished, but all of you made the process very smooth and even enjoyable at times. I haven’t started playing volleyball again, but I have taken up Zumba as per John’s recommendation!
Thanks to all of you, I now always make sure I’m walking “normally”, and I try to avoid Bosu balls at all costs. I’m doing really well and it’s all thanks to the wonderful staff at Polishuk Physical Therapy!”