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Are You Balanced?

Jul2nd 2020

Every eleven seconds, an older American is treated for a fall-related injury. While falls aren’t totally preventable, there are things that everyone over 55 can do to help minimize the risk of falling – for example, using assistive devices like canes or walkers if you have balance issues. Older adults can also strengthen muscles and improve balance with the help of specialized exercises. Many balance exercises can be done in the comfort of your usual surroundings, with little to no advance preparation. Performing daily balance exercises can help you stay strong on your feet. Here are three quick and easy balance exercises that seniors can do at home.

Pelvic Pain and Weakness – Physical Therapy Can Help!

Mar17th 2015

Millions of Americans suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, and for most it goes undiagnosed and untreated.The pelvic floor is the center of our physical power and balance.It is made up of muscles and tissues that form a sling from the pubic bone to the tail bone.These muscles work collectively to support the abdominal and pelvic organs that help control baldder, bowel and sexual activity.If any of these muscles are tight and/or weak, they can cause an abnormal pull on the pelvic bones which can lead to an array of symptoms and pain in the pelvic region, low back, and even legs or groin area.