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A Change in Diet Can Relieve Your Pain! Mar20th 2021

A Change in Diet Can Relieve Your Pain!

Making healthier eating choices can make a serious difference in your everyday life. The phrase “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. Believe it or not, the foods we eat can make a tremendous impact—both positive and negative—on the chronic pain we may be feeling. Take a moment and try to remember what you

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How Does Nutrition Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation? Sep15th 2020

How Does Nutrition Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation?

Are you living with chronic pain or inflammation? If so, there may be a simple solution for you: changing your eating habits. Proper nutrition can play an important role in managing your discomfort. Many people live with chronic pains every day, unaware that simply eating the right foods can actually help them find relief. Maintaining

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Spring Cleaning for Your Good Health

Mar10th 2015

After a long cold winter, spring is the perfect time to cleanse! Learn how to properly rid your body of toxins by using these key steps. 

Five Key Changes to Make to Your Diet

Mar10th 2015

These are 5 key changes you can make to start eating in a healthier way. Even choosing just one to start with will get you moving in the right direction. Do the one change until you are comfortable with it, and then choose one more. Keep up the two changes and continue until you are doing all five.  You'll feel the difference.

Natural Antibiotics – Natural Medicine Backed by Research

Mar10th 2015

When it comes to antibacterial agents, natural medicine really shines. While there are hundreds of natural antibiotics of varying degrees of strength, here are some of the best.