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Spring Cleaning for Your Good Health

Mar10th 2015

Week 1:

1. Take 3 Mediclay in the morning on an empty stomach
2. Broom salad before lunch and dinner:

  • Ratio of 3:1:1 shredded cabbage:carrots:beets – beets should be peeled and soaked overnight (preferably organic)

3. 2 glasses per day of shake made from water, 1″ tumeric root, 1″ ginger root, 1 clove garlic, pinch cayenne pepper and 1 lemon – blend all ingredients together
4. Nano drink – 2 teaspoons liver nano and gallbladder nano, 1/2 teaspoon green tea and 1/2 teaspoon Max stress B        all mixed in 14 oz water and sip throughout the day
5. Digestive enzymes with all meals
6. Positive affirmation in the morning and night

Week 2:

Day 1 and 2:
1. Eat ONLY fruits and vegetables – raw and steamed
2. Take 3 Medicaly on empty stomach in the morning
3. Drink organic green apple juice (MUST BE GREEN ORGANIC APPLES) mixed with beet juice – 3:1 ratio (3 apple:1 beet)
4. Coffee Enema on Day 1 – use 3 tablespoons organic grounded coffee
5. Take 1 tablet Silymarin with each meal (3 per day)
Day 3:
1. Drink ONLY organic green apple juice – NO FOOD UNTIL 7 pm

  •    at 6:30 pm place hot pack on right side of body (liver area)
  •    at 7 pm start drinking a mixture of 200 mL or freshly squeezed lemon juice and 200 mL  unrefined organic olive oil – drink 3 tablespoons approximately every 15 minutes with a straw – the liquid will separate; therefore, drink from olive oil FIRST followed by sip from lemon juice  (it will take you several hours to finish the drink)

2. Before bedtime, breathe through the right nostril ONLY – cover left nostril with cotton ball or your finger – breathe for a  few minutes
3. Go to bed with a hot pack on your right side (liver area)
Day 4: 
You will most likely evacuate a large amount of tar like feces. If you have no bowel movement, do a water enema. Make your first meal consisting of 4 tablespoons brown rice with vegetables
Day 5-7: 
Eat a vegetarian diet 

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