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CORE Connection: Simple as 1…2…3

May29th 2020

1. BRIDGE: Lying on back, knees bent and feet flat. Lift hips off floor keeping back and hips level. Hold 10 sec 5x, work up to 3×21 sec then 2x30sec


Bridge Progression: Start in bridge position, hips level, lift one foot up off the ground, bringing your knee in toward your chest as if marching. Do not let your hips sag as you lift the leg. Move slowly to lift the leg then lower back down and switch, bringing the other knee in toward your chest. 21x each leg.


Second Bridge Progression: Start in bridge position, pelvis level, abdominals contracted, extend one leg, then  lift hips while keeping the pelvis level. Hold 10 sec repeat 5x, then switch extended leg. 


2. Arm and Leg Raise: Lying on back tighten abdominal muscles drawing belly button towards spine without moving back. (Say HA-HA-HA you will feel abdominal contract).  Knees bent and feet flat. Raise arms straight to the ceiling. As your left arm goes over head, raise right knee into march, keeping stomach contracted. Return back to start position and repeat with opposite side. Start with 10x, work up to 21x.


Progression to Dead Bug: Knees in towards chest, raise arms straight towards ceiling, tighten abdominals, move right arm back extend left leg – keeping core tight make sure back doesn’t arch. Return to start position and repeat with opposite side. Start with 10x, work up to 21x. 3. 


3. Front Plank: Place your elbows on the ground directly under your shoulders with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure your back is flat and your head and neck are in a neutral position. Push through your elbows, lifting your body so that it is parallel with the floor. Make sure your abdominals stay tight. If this is too hard or cannot maintain proper position, start with a modified front plank: Start as described above but keep your feet, shins, and knees on the ground. Do not allow your hips to drop down. Hold 10 sec 5x, work up to 3×21 sec, 2×30 sec 



Side Plank: Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder. Contract your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to feet. Hold the position without letting your hips drop. Then repeat on the other side. If Modified Side plank: Start as described above but keep knees bent at a right angle. Raise body upward by straightening waist so hips and waist are ridged. Hold position10 sec 5x, work up to 3×21 sec, 2×30 sec Repeat with opposite side.



4. Quadruped: 

Arms Raise: Starting on all fours, keep back flat, don’t arch neck. Tighten the abdominal muscles. Extend the arm out in front of your body and alternate back and forth. Start with 10x each arm and work up to 21x. 


Quadruped Legs– Starting on all fours, keep back flat, don’t arch neck. Extend the leg back and alternate back and forth. Start with 10x each leg and work up to 21x


Cross Crawl: On all fours extend opposite arm and leg. Do not arch neck. Keep abdominals tight and trunk level. Start with 10x and work up to 21x.


5.Wall Squat: Make sure your back is against the wall (don’t flatten back). Set your feet about shoulder-width apart and then about 2 ft out from the wall. Slide your back down the wall, bending your knees slightly. You should be able to see your feet. Hold the position for 10 seconds 5x, work up to 21 seconds 3x, 30 seconds 2x.    


6.Figure 8: Interlace fingers in front of chest with elbows up & make figure 8 with elbows. Begin with small circles and slowly increase size and movement. If this puts too much strain on shoulders then make movements smaller and closer to body. Add a weight or medicine ball if easy. Repeat for 20 seconds each direction.