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The Stiff Shoulder

Oct7th 2020

“I can’t style my hair.” “It hurts to put my shirt on.” “I can’t wash my back.” If you have a stiff shoulder, basic day-to-day activities can become challenging. Adding significant pain to that problem can make a stiff shoulder nearly debilitating. Adhesive capsulitis is a specific type of shoulder stiffness that can result in painful limitations.

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Is Clorox and a Mask Enough?

Jun9th 2020

Please watch the Q&A session with Leonid Polishuk, PT and Sam Pond, Esq.

InflammationFood Fixes

Nov11th 2018

Inflammation Food Fixes Green leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard contain natural anti-inflammatories such as vitamins K, D, and C, says Axe. Beets have a natural antioxidant, betalain, an anti-inflammatory compound that inhibits the activity of enzymes the body uses to trigger inflammation, advises Axe. Sea buckthorn berry juice (known as olivello juice) is one

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Mighty Minerals; What We Need to Stay Healthy

Sep10th 2018

Our Body’s Periodic Table Sodium with Chlorine Why we need it: Fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction Food Sources: sodium combines with chlorine in salt; Himalayan sea salt also contains 84 trace elements Recommended Daily Intake: 1,500 milligrams of sodium   Potassium Why we need it: fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction Food sources: bananas, dried figs,

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Mercury Contents of Seafood

Jul22nd 2018

Low Mercury (Recommended)  Anchovy  Butterfish  Catfish  Clam  Crab (domestic) Crawfish  Croaker (Atlantic) Flounder  Haddock (Atlantic)  Hake  Herring Jacksmelt (Silverside) Mackerel (North Atlantic, chub) Mullet  Oyster  Plaice  Pollock  Salmon (canned) Salmon (wild) Sardine  Scallop Shrimp  Sole (Pacific) Squid (calamari) Tilapia (not farmed; hard to find) Trout (freshwater) Whitefish  Whiting  Moderate (Consume Moderately) Bass (saltwater, striped, black)

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13 Steps to a Better You

Oct23rd 2017

Follow these 13 steps to improve your health and your life.

What Is GMO?

Oct22nd 2017

Find out what GMO foods are so you can keep them out of your diet.

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Oct22nd 2017

Consume these nutrient-dense foods as often as possible.

Cupping Therapy

Aug11th 2016

With the Olympics well underway and our attention transfixed on some of the most decorated athletes in the world, we can't help but to ask ourselves: "Why is everyone covered in circle-shaped bruises?" Four years ago at the London Olympics, we were explaining the benefits of the bright-colored Kinesio tape adhered to the athletes' bodies. This Olympics, cupping is taking the main stage; however, our office has been using this particular technique for quite some time with excellent results.

Physical Therapy for TMJ

Apr26th 2016

When you injure your shoulder or knee, a physical therapist usually plays an important role throughout your care. What about when you experience jaw pain, clicking, and other symptoms? While TMJ dysfunction may only affect 5-12% of the population, the condition can be painful and self-limiting. Many times TMJ pain and clicking can diminish or go away completely with little or no treatment; however, in some instances, further attention is warranted.