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The Stiff Shoulder

Oct7th 2020

“I can’t style my hair.” “It hurts to put my shirt on.” “I can’t wash my back.” If you have a stiff shoulder, basic day-to-day activities can become challenging. Adding significant pain to that problem can make a stiff shoulder nearly debilitating. Adhesive capsulitis is a specific type of shoulder stiffness that can result in painful limitations.

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Superfoods for a Super You

Jul11th 2020

A plant-based diet is extremely beneficial to our wellbeing; however, the inclusion of superfoods can significantly increase these benefits. What makes a superfood? The most defining characteristics of superfoods are being easily digestible, raw, and rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. Superfoods are not synthetic or chemically altered in any way, and are uncooked and non-processed.

To reach the maximum benefit of superfoods, they must be included into a daily diet of whole, plant-based foods, and not only eaten on their own.

When living a busy and stressful life, our immune system becomes compromised, and inclusion of superfoods to your diet will greatly help keep your quality of nutrition and immunity intact. All human health conditions benefit from the inclusion of these foods, by excelling in improving any inflammatory condition and increasing blood flow.

There are 7 main components to the superfood groupings.

Are You Balanced?

Jul2nd 2020

Every eleven seconds, an older American is treated for a fall-related injury. While falls aren’t totally preventable, there are things that everyone over 55 can do to help minimize the risk of falling – for example, using assistive devices like canes or walkers if you have balance issues. Older adults can also strengthen muscles and improve balance with the help of specialized exercises. Many balance exercises can be done in the comfort of your usual surroundings, with little to no advance preparation. Performing daily balance exercises can help you stay strong on your feet. Here are three quick and easy balance exercises that seniors can do at home.

Are you in a state of inflammation?

Jun19th 2020

Inflammation. Why do we need to talk about it? Now more then ever it is important to understand how inflammation affects our body. Why is COVID-19 affecting some people harder than others? Underlying health conditions are a key factor influencing the disease severity and body’s ability to recover. Inflammation is a part of the body's immune response to injury and infection. Without it, our body cannot heal. When inflammation occurs, chemicals from the body's white blood cells enter the blood or tissues, protecting the body and allowing the healing process to begin. However, when inflammation occurs over a prolonged period of time, the body remains in a constant state of stress. There are two types of inflammation that affect our body: acute and chronic.

Happy Shoulders

Jun19th 2020

Last week we discussed exercises to help improve posture and decrease neck and upper body strain. Today, are introducing seven simple exercises for improved shoulder health and injury prevention. Include these simple exercises to your workout routine 2-3 times a week for improved shoulder stability and strength.

Posture Perfect

Jun12th 2020

We know that prolonged sitting at a computer or your video conference meetings takes a toll on your lower back, but did you know that it can be affecting your neck and shoulder health too? If you visualize poor sitting posture, imagine a back making a ‘C’ shaped curve with rounded shoulders. The result of this slumped forward position is undue tension on your shoulders and neck, which in turn leads to an increase stress on the spine and rotator cuff muscles.

Addressing correct sitting posture and incorporating upper body exercises into your fitness routine will help to ensure your neck and shoulders aren’t affected long hours at the computer. In a prior blog post, we shared the proper workstation setup and exercises to help stretch your lower back. Taking frequent breaks and incorporating lower back and upper body exercises will help keep you feeling refreshed and comfortable during long hours in front of the computer.

Is Clorox and a Mask Enough?

Jun9th 2020

Please watch the Q&A session with Leonid Polishuk, PT and Sam Pond, Esq.

Final 8 Fruits to Use as Substitute for Processed Sugary Snacks

Jun6th 2020

Previously, we began the list of the top 16 fruits that will not only satisfy our sweet tooth, but also work to boost our immune system! Listed here are the final eight.

Nine Essential Vegetables

May30th 2020

Two weeks ago, we shared with you the first half of the list of essential vegetables to be added to our everyday food choices to boost the immune system and improve our overall wellbeing. Here are the final 9 vegetables.

CORE Connection: Simple as 1…2…3

May29th 2020

The core is our center. It helps stabilize our body, allows us to move in any direction, maintain proper balance during daily activities and prevent falls. The core is made of up many muscles, all working together to stabilize the hips, torso and shoulders. A strong core allows the body to function properly, leading to better balance and making walking, running, and sitting easier to perform while minimizing strain on the muscles and joints of the body. A stable core is also important for preventing injuries and enhancing performance in sports and other activities. Performing core exercises does not require any equipment or a gym membership. Click below to learn the top 6 core exercises (with progression) to be added to your workout routine to keep your body aligned, eliminate back pain, and increase your overall exercise output.