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Energy Healing Breath Technique – Daily Affirmation Program

Mar23rd 2015

Applied from the work of Dr. John Diamond, the below affirmations for organ health are based on principles of Chinese Medicine. Meridian imbalances caused by negative emotions can be corrected by verbalizing specific affirmations as verified by applied kinesiology testing. According to Dr. Diamond, the balance can be achieved easily within three to five repetitions of the affirmations. You may need to repeat the affirmation regularly throughout the day to maintain your balance. I’d recommend repeating these affirmations as often as you can during the day. Say them out loud, quietly and authentically, to reinforce your balance. The more you can “feel” the words, the better your results will be.

Begin by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, resting it there gently. Breathe in and out through your nose until you begin to feel relaxed. Now go through each meridian in turn, saying with conviction the positive affirmations for each. It is helpful, although not essential, to touch the test points for the particular meridian at the time you say the affirmation. Say them in whatever order you find comfortable, finishing with the affirmation for the thymus gland. You may say them to yourself or out loud, and at the same time visualize the associated positive feeling.

Allow your breath to flow on its own. Say each affirmation three times, with three successive breaths, and continue until you end with the thymus affirmation. As you do the final affirmation you may wish to tap your thymus area for reinforcement. Think of energy being balanced and flowing smoothly and lovingly into all of your organs. Imagine them all working in complete harmony for the total enrichment of your health and well-being. Close with the affirmation, “My life energy is high. I am in the state of love”.


Thymus: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage.

Lung: I am humble. I am tolerant. I am modest.

Liver: I am happy. I have good fortune. I am cheerful.

Gall bladder: I reach out with love.

Spleen: I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure.

Kidney: My sexual energies are balanced.

Large Intestine: I am clean and good. I am worthy of being loved.

Circulation-Sex: I renounce the past. I am generous. I am relaxed.

Heart: I have forgiveness in my heart.

Stomach: I am content. I am tranquil.

Thyroid: I am buoyed up with hope. I am light and buoyant.

Small Intestine: I am jumping with joy.

Bladder: I am in harmony. I am at peace.

Thymus: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude, and courage.

Close with: My life energy is high. I am in the state of love.